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Adventures in Auburn Quarry:
Hiking and Climbing

Written by Visit Auburn on . Posted in Outdoor Adventures, Visit Auburn CA

Hiking and Climbing in Auburn Quarry

By Nick Smith


Auburn Quarry

Auburn Quarry

From a parking lot, just off of Hwy 49 after you cross the American River, you can access a 1.7 mile trail that leads to an old limestone quarry. Auburn quarry is one of the most beautiful places in the Sacramento area. I’ve been hiking and climbing there regularly for nearly two years now and I’m still amazed by it every time I go!

Notes from the Trail:
Canyon View Preserve

Written by Visit Auburn on . Posted in Outdoor Adventures, Visit Auburn CA

Nice family hike is easily overlooked in Auburn

This is the second in an ongoing series spotlighting trails in the Auburn area.

By Don Chaddock

canyon_view_preserve_6_foresthill_bridgeThere is a gem hidden on Upper Lincoln Way, just below the Cal-Star helicopter pad – a family friendly hiking trail. The relatively new trail and nature preserve is owned and operated by Placer Land Trust.

Known as Canyon View Preserve, the small trail has really made strides since it was opened a few years ago. Expansion has included a picnic area complete with benches and a shade structure.

Notes from the Trail:
Hidden Falls Regional Park

Written by Visit Auburn on . Posted in Outdoor Adventures

Dust on Your Boots

By Don Chaddock

dust_on_your_boots4I’ve always been an outdoorsy type, with my dad and grandfather taking me camping, hunting and hiking. While I no longer hunt, the scent of pine trees along the vast network of trails in the Auburn area can take me back to those childhood trips in the forest.

This is the first of a resurrected series dubbed Notes from the Trail. I regularly wrote this column about 10 years ago andVisitAuburnCA.com thought it was time to bring it back to life. This is by no means an advanced hiker’s guide but is geared more toward those who are just beginning to explore our trail systems. This guide is more like a primer.